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Welcome to ML Builds, your Brisbane-based home renovations and building partner.

How can we help you?

Welcome to ML Builds. We are dedicated, experienced and qualified builders who are passionate about helping our Customers to achieve their vision for their homes. We support our Customers with a range of projects, including home renovations, alterations and additions, extensions and new builds. We work on projects of all sizes and support a range of budgets, too.

We understand that you may have questions about the process; how it all works and what is involved. At ML Builds, we take pride in our ability to communicate with you at every step of the journey. We will make the process an enjoyable one; one where you feel comfortable in knowing where everything is at.

We are experienced in all types of home renovations. Be they big, small or something a little ‘out there’, we are your trusted partner when it comes to re-imagining and renovating your home.

We are experts in adding in new spaces or reconfiguring existing ones. Whether it be adding in a garage, turning a room in to an office, or altering the layout of a room, we are here to help you.

With great weather all year round, a deck area is a must in Queensland! We’re not just builders, we’re experienced Carpenters and Joiners, who take pride in the craftsmanship that comes with deck builds. Be it a deck for around your pool, or a deck adjoining to your house, we can build it!

Our team don’t just work with Clients to re-imagine existing homes, they can partner with you from the outset, creating a beautiful and purpose built, new home.